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Our services to farmers





Real time information on the market on your cell phone.
To be sure to get information about any main event, we send by SMS any information considered as paramount and any key fluctuation in prices of agricultural commodities.
Service available in French and soon English and Russian.

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An expert analysis with strategies.
You receive each Monday a confidential market analysis giving you key points of the market, price level to be watched and the best selling and buying strategies to be implemented.
Service available in French and soon English and Russian.


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(A plan subscribed to Agritel'Hebdo is necessary to access this service)
One answer to all your questions !!!
You are in a direct relation with Agritel's team, through our consulting hotline. Our consultants are available to answer all your questions, to help you build up and to have your selling and buying stategies evolve, according to what is happening on the markets. We animate your group meeting with conference calls.

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Tools to help you take actions
You get access to the private part of our website where you will find: the balance of commodities seasons, what to expect for the coming ones, our past strategies, our past market alerts, customizable charts of past prices, our base of fundamental data, Applications created by Agritel (pricers, simulators…)
Service available in French and soon English and Russian

To get trained and to share in order to progress

We purpose you 4 half days of market animation and assistment per year. During those meeting an Agritel consultant intervene and present the market situation for each commodity and the strategies that come with it. Those meeting are also used to improve your knowledge of markets but also technics,...
Meetings are available via group offers.