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Our services to food processors


Specific training courses on price risk management in industry businesses are offered by Agritel. Some topics of courses are :

  • Price risk management and use of futures markets : beginner course and improvement course, chartist analysis, etc...

  • Defining buying stategies of commodities

  • Defining selling strategies of processed products

  • Training of chiefs, managers, auditors, to new methods of management and using futures markets

To follow market changes and promote a quick and efficient spread of information among your team, we offer you different kind of services:

  • Assisting your purchase managers and purchase teams

  • Market analysis

  • Specific studies

To assess the intensity of the risk you are facing and defining adequate hedging strategies and follow their implementation, AGRITEL assists you in the different steps to be undertaken:

  • Preparation to times of negociations

  • Innovation / implementation of new methods of buying commodities and selling processed products

  • Audit and analysis of market risks

  • Implementation of processes to manage your price risk

  • Following and controling your risks : Reporting

  • Tools to follow your positions : software AGRIPOS

  • Coaching of your purchase team